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I am a Canadian visual artist who works with a variety of media.  I prefer acrylics and drawing media.  I have related creative interests in poetry, photography and computer media. My artistic works are often recognized for their harmonious treatment of colour, abstract sensitivity, inherent metaphor and poetic accompaniments.  My objective is to create fine art works for people to enjoy--pieces that prompt a memory, remind of a place, recall an experience, suggest a metaphor, or strike a chord.

I have been interested in drawing and visual arts since childhood. My formation as an artist is a blend of self-directed study, selected courses, workshops, mentoring and experience. This complements my university education in materials science and engineering, qualifications as a Professional Engineer and work experience in engineering, research, adult technical education and technology transfer.

Through my artwork, I probe emotions, perceptions, symbols and metaphors. My artistic works are eclectic, including representational, abstract and non-objective images. The human figure features in my most current works.  In recent months I have done several portraits that have been placed with individual clients.

My paintings or drawings have been placed with various individuals in private collections in Canada, Germany, Spain and Korea.  I have donated artworks to the Glenrose Rehabilitation Hospital and to various non-profit service agencies in Canada.  Two sculpted paper works were placed corporately in 1993 at the Star of the North Retreat Centre in St. Albert, Canada.

My professional associations as an artist include: Visual Arts Association of Alberta (VAAA), CARFAC, Harcourt House (Edmonton).

My most recent group exhibition was in January 2012 at the Art Gallery of Spruce Grove. My two most recent solo exhibitions were in August 2011 at the VASA Studio and 
Gallery in St. Albert and in October 2009, at the Glenrose Rehabilitation Hospital, in Edmonton.  In addition, I have held three other solo exhibitions--August 2009, October 2008 and November 2007 in Alberta. I have participated in forty-six group shows or exhibitions since 1991, generally in the region of greater Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. Most frequently, I have shown my works in shows sponsored by the St. Albert Painters’ Guild, Profiles Public Art Gallery in St. Albert and The Arts & Heritage Foundation of St. Albert, and occasionally at The Works Festival in Edmonton.

P. Eng

B. Sc. (Metallurgical Engineering) University of Alberta

M. Sc. (Metallurgical Engineering) University of Alberta

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